i used to blog about eisley alllllllll of the time. (annoyingly so.) maybe it fell off because i haven't seen them play in almost a year, before sherri announced she was the last of the girls to be preggo. they took time off, recorded a new album, had 4 babies, and are now set to release the new album tomorrow. i pre-ordered the vinyl and it arrived while i was in san francisco. i was a little antsy to get home to listen to it. (it's wonderful! very different from their angsty last album, but great nonetheless.) they previewed 2 tracks earlier in the month and they are both ridiculously amazing.

for those that have no idea who eisley are (seriously, what's wrong with you people.) i put together a little (ok, long) playlist. i did my absolute best to narrow it down, promise! these are my favorite favorite tracks from their first 3 albums and various eps. enjoy! and then go buy the new album tuesday.

1. memories
2. golly sandra
3. marvelous things
4. one day i slowly floated away
5. vintage people
6. tree tops
7. head against the sky
8. escaping song
9. they all surrounded me
10. go away
11. i could be there for you
12. ten cent blues
13. like the actors
14. the valley
15. oxygen mask
16. please
17. ambulance
18. laugh it off
19. deep space
20. currents