you can't go to san francisco without visiting the golden gate bridge, right? the first time i crossed it i was a little surprised. the way people go on about it i thought i would have ascended to heaven. but alas, it really is just a bridge. and i've never really cared either way about them. it was fun to walk part of it, see the bay, and take some photos. so many photos, always. many times i stopped to take photos and my friend was 20 feet ahead of me. i can't imagine how annoying that must be. i think this is why i'm beginning to love to travelling alone. i can do what i want, when i want, and don't have to worry that i'm making other people bored while i'm photographing the same thing for 15 minutes. (of course it's a little different when you travel with other photographers and you are all taking photos.) sometimes i worry i'm missing out on special moments, but other times i remember this is what i do. this is who i am. 

also, can we talk about fucking scrumptious boudin is? i want to go back just for the grilled cheese and tomato soup.