this shoot was definitely an adventure. i learned some things, some tough lessons about shooting outdoors. but we need that, right? we need to be reminded that we don't know everything, we should always be on our toes, and we need to keep moving forward. it's important to try new things and push ourselves if we are going to continue to make art. but it's also important to not be totally negative when things don't go our way. take the part of the lesson that you need to grow, learn from it, and move on.

this is my best friend, sheree. we took these right near the highway off a little turn in near someone's land. there was a gate up and signs, but we didn't let that stop us. we hopped over and took these photos near sunset. again, i wasn't completely happy with how they turned out (they looked good on the lcd screen though). in fact i was ready to cry when i first saw them. sheree is a resident right now and it's very hard to get together with her. and for a photo shoot? i've been begging her for almost a year to let me take more photos of her. but again, i learned some lessons. and i was able to pull out some pretty good photos if i don't say so myself. i guess my point of all of this is if you are just starting out with photography (or heck! a seasoned professional. i've been shooting portraits for going on 10 years.) don't let things discourage you, keep shooting, and make the best of it. because remember, we all make mistakes. it's how we handle those mistakes that truly matters.