"tried being cruel, it's just not in me, it's just not in you."

now that my blog is attached to my website, i don't get too personal on it. but i miss that, letting someone into my life and space. things are messy, and hard, and beautiful, and emotional. the past year and a half have been a hard one for me personally. while i have come to love my job and have been slowly rebuilding my career after leaving a horrendous path behind, my personal life has struggled. it's been overwhelming at times, but i know now changes have to be made to move forward. and that's what life is all about, right? finding that balance for yourself. i sometimes wish my personal life would go as smoothly as my work life. but then i remember i've been working at my goal for 8 years now. maybe it's time i put some of that focus back onto myself. part of that is having this little ole blog as an outlet. i miss writing, i miss sharing. over the past year and a half i have loved and had my heart broken too many times. i can't say i'll ever not be bold in love, because that is very much who i am and while i fight against most things in my life, that can't be one of them. so y'all please bear with me as i get back into this. it might take a me a little while, but i want to be here.