my friend, holly, and i traveled to nyc for the first time each at the end of march. we used my 30th birthday as an excuse to visit the city that never sleeps. i have been wanting to go to nyc since i was in college, but hadn't had the chance until now. i will admit, i thought i'd be more in love. i think i'm spoiled by the west coast and it's laid back vibe. i tend to be very high strung at times, and the slow pace of the pnw seems to compliment that side of me well. that doesn't mean i didn't enjoy myself or have a good time, i most certainly did. i photographed our trip with only my phone, lately i can't be bothered with anything else. 

i have come to love traveling, it somehow calms me. maybe it's that i don't have to be at work for a few days, maybe it's knowing i won't be at my destination for a few hours so there's no need to rush through my day. i can finally start to relax and ease into not having my mind racing through the day. it's a process getting from one place to the next, and i enjoy every minute of it. every trip is different and filled with new sites and experiences.