you guys, it's been so long since i've blogged i don't even remember what we did in nyc! but i'll do my best...

after looking through these photos from almost a year ago it's coming back to me. we started our day out at stumptown in the ace hotel. i was too distracted and hungry and tired to take any photos, but one day i'll stay in that beautiful hotel. after i've married rich. we headed toward chelsea afterwards to visit the aperture gallery and some others in the area. luckily we found a delicious place to have lunch at proteño before exploring. i picked up a book on diane arbus and a couple of others that contain writings on photography. i haven't looked at either much since, but one article stuck out to me entitled sex again. it was all about how sex has gotten so mainstream, how people are accustomed to hard-core porn, and nothing is shocking anymore in that regard, people get more of a thrill going to the mall. talk amongst yourselves.

after we looked at some art, we wandered around chelsea some more, popped in a couple of bookstores and checked out intelligentsia. which i was wonderfully surprised to see that my local fresh market carries their beans! hooray! also, have i mentioned i love nothing more than grabbing coffee with a friend? we probably did this twice a day during our nyc visit. after we were nicely caffeinated we walked along the hi-line and watched the traffic build as it got towards rush hour. i believe this was the day we also ended up in midtown and tried to visit the library but it was closed. sad panda. and made our way to the empire state building. ummm talk about some beautiful detail! the marble! the granite! the gold! oh my! it was... fucking cold y'all. and dark. the lights were cool from the city, but i love the aerial shots i see on instagram. maybe next time, if i feel like standing in line during the day. but probably not. 

and that was our day. it was long, it was cold, it was new york. it's weird to visit a place and have it feel exactly like you would expect. la was the same when i went last year for work. it felt like i'd already been there a dozen times, but it was my first.

i realize this was not the most exciting post, but i'm trying to get back into this. plus, i want to document what i did! i've said this for probably a couple of years now, but i miss blogging. i miss having an outlet to express myself, not only with photos, but words and thoughts. i have one more nyc post, and then i'll move on to something else. i noticed a while ago that i tend to blog about my travels. i don't necessarily want this space to be only about new and different places, but my whole life. and that includes a mundane photo of a cup of coffee.