my 5th trip to the pnw was this past october. i went for 2 weeks and hung out mostly by myself. i still don't know if i'll ever move up there's a lot of things i love about the south that i'm just not ready to leave. (the heat and the politics can go fuck themselves though.) but it sure is a beautiful part of the country to visit.

1-2. plane right to portland
3-4. boxer ramen - shiitake shoyu
5-6. drive to cannon beach
7-8. cannon beach
9. ecola point
10. drive to portland
11. lardo - pork meatball banh mi 
12. stumptown - vanilla latte
13. burgoo bistro - bacon marmalade biscuits
14-17. vancouver bc aquarium
18. blacklist tattoo
19. stumptown - mocha
20. new tattoo selfie :D


my friend, holly, has been a crocheting fiend the past couple of years. she recently decided to get her shit together and open an etsy shop. i photographed her and her baby alpaca wool cowl at the gross excuse for a riverwalk in the ft worth stockyards. it was slimy and i almost fell a dozen times, but the light was beautiful.

be sure to check out her shop and buy lots of things because why not?