my 5th trip to the pnw was this past october. i went for 2 weeks and hung out mostly by myself. i still don't know if i'll ever move up there's a lot of things i love about the south that i'm just not ready to leave. (the heat and the politics can go fuck themselves though.) but it sure is a beautiful part of the country to visit.

1-2. plane right to portland
3-4. boxer ramen - shiitake shoyu
5-6. drive to cannon beach
7-8. cannon beach
9. ecola point
10. drive to portland
11. lardo - pork meatball banh mi 
12. stumptown - vanilla latte
13. burgoo bistro - bacon marmalade biscuits
14-17. vancouver bc aquarium
18. blacklist tattoo
19. stumptown - mocha
20. new tattoo selfie :D


i've turned into one of those people. you know, the ones that only shoot with their iphones and rarely bust out their big girl camera. i don't care though. i stopped caring a long time ago what other people are doing versus what i'm doing. there's no need to compare. and this way i get to shoot any time i feel like it. and i think that's great.

these are some of my favorite iphone portraits from the past few months.


whoa dang, y'all. this blog has been pretty empty as of late. my apologies, i've been busy livin' my life. :P part of which has included spending most weekends with friends, and photographer whatever i can. including the below shot of my friends' pup, zoe. she is the sweetest great dane and i sometimes want to take her home with me.

i know it's silly, but they always say photograph what you love. and i did. i walked in my friends' home, zoe climbed in the chair, and it was perfect. so much so, that it was included in vsco's weekly selects. how cool is that?! what an honor, for real.

see the rest of those featured here.